Basic Windows Key Shortcuts na Magagamit ng Lahat

Windows key shortcuts na makakatulong sayo! 👍

These shortcuts are just SOME of the cool features you can do with your keyboard. I made this short list according to what I think will be useful for most people. If you have suggestions, may comment section sa Facebook or dito sa ilalim ng blog! 👌

⊞ Win + DShow and Hide Desktop
Primary use for me: Privacy. Show and hide all your tabs at will! Also, this is a quick way to access your desktop icons
⊞ Win + COpen CoPilot (for Windows 11 and up)
The easiest way to access your AI assistant. Copilot is the built-in ChatGPT of Microsoft. Kung gusto mo maexplore ang mundo ng AI, ito na ang pinaka madali na paraan. This shortcut used to open microsoft teams chat. Pero naging Copilot na siya.
⊞ Win + Shift + SOpen Snipping Tool
One of my most used! No more searching for the snipping tool in the start menu. Just press the buttons and snip away!
⊞ Win + POpen Project Menu
Useful for people using multiple screens
⊞ Win + .Open Emoji Tab
Yes, may ganito na rin pala! 😁👍
⊞ Win + VOpen clipboard history
Sobrang useful nito pag nasanay ka gamitin
⊞ Win + ZOpen Snap Layouts
Great for multi-tasking
⊞ Win + NOpen Notifications and Calendar
Want to see you latest snip? Windows notifications? Nandito yan.
⊞ Win + EOpen File Explorer
Just quicker way to access your files. This can save you a few milliseconds every time you use this. My primary use for this is when I need to send some files using Messenger or Viber

For a more detailed list, this is my source: Windows 11 Keyboard shortcuts you should know (

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  1. Bernabe Bernal says:

    Boss. Magkano PO price pinakamura na laptop. Pangreregalo lang sa senior high student for school works purpose lang.

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